I'm back! It's been a crazy few weeks getting used to our new Kindergarten routine and managing all the extra's in our schedule but I finally feel like I am back on my meal planning game. Here's what's for dinner in our house this week: Monday's Recipe/Wednesday's Recipe/Thursday's Recipe Our weeknights are busier now with … Continue reading


Happy 4th of July week, friends! We are officially in the 90's in Michigan and my kids are basically living in the backyard in their swimsuits so this week's menu is un-fussy. I tend to use my slow cooker and Instant Pot more in the Summer than in the colder months because it helps me … Continue reading MEAL PLAN MONDAY

Happy Monday, friends! I have a weekend hangover (not from drinking, let me live though) from doing all.the.activities. on little to no sleep. I'm going to go ahead and thank Adam Sandler for hosting SNL and me being the old lady that I am that had to shotgun a Monster Energy on Saturday night just … Continue reading