Easter 2021.

Happy Friday, friends. Here’s a glimpse at our Easter weekend. My niece came to spend the week at my parents’ house so she got to join us in our activities which was so nice. The girls looooove hanging out with her and are maybe a little obsessed. I don’t blame them, she’s a great kid and thankfully she’s still at an age where she will play with them and who knows how long that will last. Anyways, we had a lot of fun with her while she was here.

They dyed eggs and Maisy made one with herself on it. They fell out of the fridge and cracked on Easter and I had to throw them away and she cried for a solid hour lol.

Cookie Hack// When making cut out cookies, double your recipe. While your dough is still soft, divide into 4 equal portions and roll each ball out into desired cookie-thickness on floured parchment paper. Stack them on a cookie sheet and cover in plastic wrap before putting in the refrigerator to chill. Chill atleast 2 hours or overnight. To avoid having to re-roll dough during the cut-out process (THE. WORST.) I use the smallest cookie cutters I have and stamp out the entire sheet–whatever scraps are left over get put to the side. I repeat with all sheets and all of the scraps get rolled into a ball, tossed in a ziplock and frozen until the next time we want sugar cookies or a fruit pizza, etc. Because I use the small cookie cutters there are PLENTY of cookies for them to decorate and they dry quicker post-frosting because of their size. Boom. Roasted.

Here are my girls on Easter morning before sticking their faces into their basket of candy. They each got a swim suit, these Alice & Ames dresses, Sunglasses, a Barbie (the older 2 got the color change ones which they love), new Raya & Frozen undies (which they thought was weird but this Easter Bunny gives zero shits and they needed them lol), a mini rainbow pinata filled with Lip Smackers and hair ties. Charlie got a Skip-It knock-off and Maisy got Bubbles. Oh and candy. LAWD, the candy. Pretty low-key compared to what I’ve done in the past but honestly Easter is just not a big deal for us and all they really care about is the sugar anyways no matter what those Instagram influencers tell you lol.

We went over to my Parents’ Farm for an epic-egg hunt and my mom made a beautiful brunch. It was so nice to be able to celebrate together when last Easter we were still under lock down and spent the day alone. It was a gorgeous day.

So. Much. Candy.

I hope you all had a great weekend no matter how you celebrated.


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