Toddler Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I started doing a capsule wardrobe for my youngest daughter Lucy (age 2) this past Winter and I loved how easy it made laundry day. Her Winter wardrobe consisted of several 2-piece cotton lounge sets that I dressed up with a cardigan if we ended up going anywhere but otherwise she wore as-is while we were hunkered down all season. I washed and hung them dry (!) and they got heavy use all winter and still look great. (Take care of your SHIT, people–there is enough clothing in landfills)

One of my favorite mom-hacks is to buy pajamas that are all-over print because it makes them so easy to sort and fold on laundry day and having 2-piece outfits with the same all-over pattern or solid color did the trick as well. I am picky about kids clothes in general but my overall rule-of-thumb is to buy things that match several things and are neutral enough to not make it look like my kids wear the same things everyday. For many years I overspent on kids clothing because I bought whatever was cute and didn’t think about the practicality of the pieces and now I buy less, take better care of them on laundry day, and buy things that will go together well so I get my money’s worth out of them.

So here’s Lucy’s Spring/Summer wardrobe. I’ll probably be able to carry several of these things into the Fall paired with cardigans, too.

There you have it! She’s still young enough to not completely destroy her Summer clothes and since she naps during the day, all outfits are comfy enough to wear all day including naptime. I love H&M kids and they really had some great pieces this year for very cheap (Some of those 2-piece outfits were $7 on sale).

It may not seem like something I should care about this much but if it makes Mt. Laundry easier to tackle and makes getting them dressed in the morning simple, I am alllllllll in friend.

Happy Weekend!


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