It’s kind of wild to me that I’m still processing March 2020 and we’re already done with March 2021. l have broken up with Instagram for the time being and I need a place to dump all of my photos so here’s our March in photos.

Still cooking all day everyday. We have replaced “Pizza Friday” with “Fun Food Friday” where I make things like copycat Panda Express (pictured) or whatever sounds fun and junky and delicious.
Paint section helper. We are inching towards our kitchen remodel and my dad has been working on painting all of the cabinet fronts and doesn’t hate my color choice at all (it’s green. it’s great. I love it.)

Our library recently reopened Story Time (socially distanced + masked) and we’ve gone a few times. They always ask to drive around when we leave the library so they can read their new books right away and it’s the cuuuuutest. I finished ‘The Push’ in one sitting and it was worth the hype–it had ‘Verity’ vibes without all of the sex scenes which was a plus (because they were totally unnecessary to the plot mmk) but it was also very heartbreaking and probably the most vivid portrayal of a grieving mother I have ever read. It will have you reeling and deeply questioning everything you have ever thought about nature vs. nurture. Highly recommend!

A little Shamrock breakfast.
Pinch-Proof. Also they went bonkers over these Fruit Loop necklaces.

I tried to do festive lunches this week. Then I got the stomach flu. This was a one and done.

She wanted Mikey to be in her picture. I obliged. And no, he is never wearing clothes.

Got that Fauci Ouchie. Three cheers for Science.

And a few honorable mentions of things that have made me very happy this past month:

Treated myself to some Candelles to get the smell of sickness out of my house. They all smell amazing and came beautifully packaged but the Cabin Getaway is what I imagine Thanksgiving at Paul Bunyan’s would smell like and it is perfection. And since the pandemmy started last year I have tried to keep cut flowers in the house at all times and it has really made me so happy. I am planning a cut flower garden this year so fingers crossed my black thumb doesn’t kill them all.

That’s it. As for the girls they are OBSESSSSED with ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ (it’s actually really great so I don’t mind how many times we’ve watched it lol) and asking me to play ‘The Great Beyond’ by R.E.M. or ‘Linger’ by The Cranberries on repeat. The best is when Louie screams along ‘DO HAVE TO DO HAH TO DO YA HAH TOOO’ in the backseat. 10/10 would recommend.

Happy April, party people.


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