Happy (???) Monday! It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted our Weekly Dinner plan. I live and die by meal planning and truth be told, during quarantine I totally fell off the horse. It was so (so) hard to meal plan when I could hardly find anything in the store so usually I just winged it or cried or made hot dogs and called it a night. Thankfully the grocery store has been less picked over and I’ve been able to get back to planning. Here’s what’s for Dinner in my house this week:

Teal Diagonal Stripes Weekly Menu

Monday: Recipe from this cookbook  I know soup sounds like a nightmare in the Summer but I have a later appointment today and need to leave Adam with something to feed the kids. It has this cheesy herb bomb situation that gets dolloped on top and it is sooo freakin’ good. Chances are my kids won’t eat it but I give zero shits because it’s delicious and I can’t eat kid food all the time, mmk.

Tuesday: I braised a pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches over the weekend and crisp it up under the broiler with some cumin/chili powder/oregano/salsa sometimes and top it with cilantro. Taco night is pretty frequent in our house because there’s something each of my kids will go to town on without having to make anything extra. If you’re looking for just a straight Carnitas recipe this one is delicious and won’t heat up your house outside of using the broiler. Bonusss.

Wednesday: This one is stupid good and well received. Plus basil is a’plenty right now. I’ll usually just make extra chicken than the recipe calls for since it’s all the girls will eat. That and the bread which barely makes it out of the oven before they’re gnawing on it like cavewomen. I wonder where they got that from?…Don’t look at me.

Thursday: Re-working the pork into a pile of crispy nachos.  Because Thursday is basically just Friday-Eve and I have long since checked out by this point. Plus serving anything on a Sheet Pan is just fun (and less dishes but let’s just linger on ‘fun’).

Friday: The best night of the weeeeeek.

Saturday: I came up with this recipe about a month ago and I made my mom try it to make sure I wasn’t just batshit crazy thinking this sandwich was like–totally delicious despite being really simple. Happy to report I’m not batshit; it’s crazy good. I’ll post it here sometime. Also these fries are a delight and worth turning on your oven I promise. Also if you don’t make corn on the cob in your Instant Pot you are missing out.

Sunday: New-to-me recipe but it looks great and I have a brick of ground beef that is taking up valuable ice-cream-sized room in my freezer. My kids love a meatball, I love a meatball, Adam loves a meatball, everybody loves a meatball. I am much eloquent. V impressive at words. Cool, cool.


As for lunches for myself I’ll make this and just chow down on leftovers. Adam wouldn’t touch this recipe if I paid him so those types of recipes I save to make for lunches. If I don’t plan lunch for myself I will usually find myself eating the crust from my kids’ sandwiches and turning into a hangry rage monster and you know, that’s frowned upon I guess.

Happy Monday, friends!





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