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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the Summer heat?

*Raises both (sweaty) hands*

And what’s worse than a whiny, hot adult? A whiny, hot child. One hundred billion to one.

Since most of the Summer festivals and activities are cancelled this year and all of our usual air-conditioned hangs are still closed I’ve had to think of different ways to bribe my children into behaving day to day. Enter the easiest “recipe” ever.

These puppies aren’t winning any culinary awards and offer zero nutritional value but they’re cold, cheap & best of all will keep your kids quiet for like 20 minutes so you can tend to more important things like Googling “What is Kool-Aid made out of?” and then closing your computer and pretending you didn’t just serve it to your kids.

I kid, I kid. I grew up drinking Kool-Aid, not the murder-cult kind, and I turned out just fine.

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1 Kool-Aid packet of choice
1/2 c. sugar
2 c. cold water
4-ish cups of ice (Don’t overthink it–just put a decent amount in your blender)
Fresh Citrus Juice, such as Lemon, Lime or Orange (Optional)


Add first 3 ingredients to blender. Cover and pulse a few times to incorporate and dissolve the powder and the sugar in the water. Add ice & the juice of 1/2 of a piece of citrus if desired (totally optional but it cuts the sweetness and gives it another note of flavor that isn’t “Red”) and blend until smooth. Pour into cups, top yours off with a vodka floater and pretend you’re at a college frat party and not watching Frozen II for the millionth time, live your life. 


Enjoy 🙂



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