Hi! It’s been awhile! I’m the worst!

It’s not a secret that the world is in shambles right now and sometimes I feel like I am holding on by a splitting thread.

Quarantine is over (for now…) but we are still doing our best to practice social distancing which means a lot of time spent in the backyard in our Stock Tank Pool (more on that later) or hitting up a local park as long as it’s empty or close to it. The parks just opened here a few weeks ago and it’s been a nice change of scenery considering the girls haven’t seen much of anything outside the walls of our home for months. They’ve gotten to the point of social depravation that they will yell hello at every person at the store and asked our pharmacist if she wanted to be their friend. A time in my life I will never forget. They are so resilient but it really sucks that they have to be. Needless to say, I will always be grateful that they have each other–it has really made this whole situation easier for them because they always have a friend to play with. So good job, me. I knew the 21 month age gap between my older daughters would not be so hard one day!

It was hotter than all good hell today but I will do most anything to get my kids to nap. Boob sweat and all. Here are my sweaty children playing at the park.






Hope you’re all hanging in there, friends. I’ll be on this space a whole lot more!



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