I’m back! It’s been a crazy few weeks getting used to our new Kindergarten routine and managing all the extra’s in our schedule but I finally feel like I am back on my meal planning game.

Here’s what’s for dinner in our house this week:

Monday’s Recipe/Wednesday’s Recipe/Thursday’s Recipe

Our weeknights are busier now with Charlie’s dance class and her starting Girl Scouts (and me joining the PTA because I hate myself apparently haha) so I’m leaning on fuss-free meals that can be prepped early and cooked/baked as needed. I bought a huge pork loin on sale at Costco and I made a batch of slow-cooker pork for sandwiches yesterday and I’ll re-season it for carnitas tomorrow and broil it on a sheet pan. I usually make a fresh element for tacos like a fresh salsa but this week I’m making a batch of pickled red onions because they are so easy and last a few weeks. I can get behind that.

I have some new blog posts up my sleeve now that things have started to level out so stay tuned for lots of catch-up posts and a peek at Lucy’s first birthday which is this coming Saturday. I honestly feel like we just brought her home and here we are. Time is cruel!

Happy Monday, friends.


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