Whew, this Summer is slipping right on by. I always make too big of plans and set expectations so high because I’m a SAHM–almost out of obligation because of the latter.

Life’s funny that way. For years I dropped Charlie off daily before heading to work, followed by Maisy. For years I had guilt for not signing them up for more things because as a working mom, most activities took place during work hours; not reading to them enough–cramming all of the childhood experience with their mom into a few hours every night and on the weekend. I missed them SO much. I missed SO much.

And now–with these last weeks of having all 3 girls under my wing every day, I feel guilty for the same things I did when I was working. Now our budget is smaller so we can’t sign them up for all the fun things; now I tread water most days to get things done and don’t have the patience to sit and read the same books over and over when there are a thousand other things to be done in the house. It’s crazy that mom guilt just follows you around no matter what you do. And it’s also kind of unfair if you ask me.

So now with Kindergarten right around the corner, I am hoping to make the most of these schedule-free days as best I can. Even if it’s just nursing a Sinus infection while I watched my kids play with chalk for an hour. Here’s hoping Fall is more forgiving.


2 replies to “THE GUILT GOES ON.

  1. Never ever begrudge yourself time spent just watching your girls. They grow up so fast. Seems like only yesterday we met your sweet baby girl, Charlie and now she’s off to kindergarten? How quickly time flies! My daughter, now 37, mentions often the summer time spent in the backyard making bubbles, playing with chalk and doing all those low budget things that made her childhood memories so happy and memorable. Your girls will remember these times too and you will get that feedback from them as adults that lets you know you done good.


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