Admittedly, I’ve been in a slump as of late. That end-of-winter-fake-Spring-still-cold-and-rainy-most-days-weather has left me pretty uninspired. Combine that with the pending doom of turning 30 (I am 30 now.) I neglected this little space. A little truth about me: I am very easily discouraged. If I feel like I’m trying really hard to do something and it doesn’t work out I will straight up give up. And I am going to try my hardest to not let this be one of those many little dreams that disappear into the wind.

With every change of Season there is a glimpse of newness that makes it feel like a fresh start. Before I had kids, I honestly couldn’t care less about Summer. Besides drinking boozy frozen things outdoors or maybe the occasional day trip somewhere with Adam–it honestly did not inspire much enthusiasm from me.

But now, as a mom, I love it. I love that the weather is usually nice enough for them to play outside all morning; I love scrubbing their dirt-covered feet in the bathtub. I love their pure, uninhibited joy as they run through a sprinkler–the reflection of a firework show in their wide eyes. I love sweeping the hair from their sweaty foreheads, wiping sticky popsicle dribble from their chins. I love fat baby legs in swimsuits, the smell of sunscreen on their skin–tucking them into bed after a long fun-filled day.

And while incredibly magical, it can often be overwhelming to feel like you need to do all. the. things. And the truth is, you honestly don’t have to plan a single solitary thing to have a great Summer with your kids. But if you’re someone who gets twitchy without a plan (or thrives on one like I do), I decided to throw a few ideas together to help break up those days and spark a little Summertime fun.

I included things that are on our plan for the Summer (like having a giant Slip-n-Slide down the hill on my parent’s Farm which you could modify of course) and some things that my kids just love to do (collect rocks, play dress-up, etc.). The girls also l.o.v.e. to help in the kitchen so I included our list of (mostly) no-bake Summertime treats that can keep little hands busy in the kitchen.

We are big essential oil fans over here and I threw together a Summer-inspired list to make your house feel Beachy without the candles. Just add a few drops of each oil to your diffuser (or more if you like a stronger scent) and let the good vibes roll.

And last but not least, we love to have movie nights as a family (and themed ones if I am feeling extra) so I thought I would share a list of movies that are perfect for a family movie night and a few for when the kids are in bed.


I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your Summer; I hope to share our adventures as the season unfolds.



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