We had a great Sunday with my mom (who hates being photographed almost as much as I do) at Nelis’ Dutch Village in Holland for Tulip Time. After such a cold and rainy week, the sun felt like a dream.

The girls had a blast running around playing in a giant Wooden Shoe playhouse, climbing on everything, dragging my mom everywhere while I trailed behind with Lu. Charlie got to ride the push cars even though she really had no clue what she was doing and coasted around the track while Maisy screamed because she was too short to ride. We had some hot fudge sundaes straight from Heaven and got to experience some Springtime magic (And some Springtime sunburn because mother-of-the-year didn’t bring any sunblock for her porcelain self and her porcelain children 🙂 yay).

Maisy was in actual Heaven getting to play with all the animals. She was in her element–petting and brushing all the goats, holding baby bunnies, feeding tiny lambs out of the palm of her hand. She is so gentle and sweet and such a little animal lover it just warms my heart to see her interacting with them. Charlie on the other hand used to scream bloody murder if a goat came within a mile of her so it’s always fun to see how different kids can be. Glad she ended up slightly less dramatic 😉 .

This was our first time visiting the Village and we will definitely be back. The grounds were beautiful and like a step back in time. And I mean, sign me up for anything that includes fresh Stroopwafel. We’re hoping to go to Windmill Island at some point this week to see all the fields of tulips if the weather holds up. We went a few years ago before we moved here and it really is a sight to see and only happens once a year.

Have you ever been to Holland’s Tulip Time? Let’s go together next year!


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