Happy Monday, friends!

I have a weekend hangover (not from drinking, let me live though) from doing all.the.activities. on little to no sleep. I’m going to go ahead and thank Adam Sandler for hosting SNL and me being the old lady that I am that had to shotgun a Monster Energy on Saturday night just to stay up and subsequently being up all night from the caffeine. Worth it though because it was a great show and I may have cried when he played his Chris Farley tribute. Did you watch it? So good.

Anyways, here’s our Dinner plan for the week:

(Tuesday’s recipe is here–it is SO good and such a good use of a rotisserie chicken)

I’ve been trying to get in the habit of making the most of my leftovers. When I make spaghetti + meatballs I tend to make a huge batch so to double their uses I’ll throw them in a pot of sauce to reheat, throw them on some toasted “garlic bread” buns and broil some cheese on top and call it a day. I’ll probably make some roasted veggies to go with them too because I’m sure I’ll have some past-prime produce by Thursday too. I admittedly am not the best with leftovers and am trying to be better about it.

One of my new favorite ways to double-up meals is to slow-cook a pork shoulder with basic seasonings (onion, garlic, s+p) and shred it. I’ll mix half of it with a homemade BBQ sauce for pulled pork sandwiches one night and the remaining I’ll toss with some salsa verde and seasonings and reheat on a sheet pan + broil it up for crispy carnitas on taco night. For some reason I never thought to do it this way–I almost always did BBQ in the slow cooker and would end up with more pulled pork than anyone could ever eat and would eventually get thrown in the freezer and never would see the light of day again. Anyone else have a unnamed mystery meat brick in their freezer that they didn’t write the contents or date on? Help. It’s me.

Do you have a favorite way to make two meals out of one? Send them my way!

Hope everyone has a great week. ❤



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  1. You’re so smart! 2 meals in 1! Can’t wait to make these skillet enchiladas. They Look so yummy! Maybe next week. I am making an enchilada bake tonight with quinoa. I make it almost every other week because it is easy and a favorite and always makes leftovers! The recipe doesn’t have meat but I always add shredded chicken or ground beef. https://pin.it/qwulptfrhgqj36

    Almost every week, especially in the winter, I cook a whole chicken in the crock pot and split the chicken in half to use for two meals. Soup, tacos, enchiladas, etc. whatever you need chicken for. Literally just put the chicken in the crock s+p and cook on low for 8 hrs. Still haven’t bought an IP so prob faster that way.

    I’m not good at getting two meals out of 1 so I love your tips!


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