Happy May, friends! I’ll spare you a Justin Timberlake meme and just get to it 😉 With the weather getting a little more consistent (except today—or this week, really—) and me yearning for “free-range-children-season”, I have picnics and park hangs on the brain. There’s nothing better than letting your kids spill their food outdoors instead of in! I swear it! With Charlie starting full day Kindergarten this Fall, I am going to squeeze every ounce of magic out of these next few months and spend as much quality time with her as possible before I send her off into the world. And guys, the girl loves picnics in the park. Or, as she lovingly calls them and I will never correct her as long as I live: pick-a-micks. I love how nostalgic and special it feels to unplug and share a meal under a shady tree with the people you love. I’ve rounded up a few retro-inspired Picnic pretties for your next outdoor feast.

catch set//water bottle//cookbook//blanket//backpack//plate set//hand purifier//cooler//speaker
  1. Always a good idea to have something to keep the little’s occupied so you can relax for a few minutes. This velcro catch set is so adorable but is also great for little hands who haven’t quite mastered the art of ball-and-mitt catch (or even for adults like me who have no hand-eye coordination). You’re welcome for the 20 minutes of peace and quiet.
  2. This insulated water bottle comes in all.the.colors. and I love that it has a smaller lip (less ice falling into your mouth while you take a sip, hello). It will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours so it’s practical for year round use.
  3. Perfect Picnic meal inspiration that isn’t just egg salad–yep! It is beautifully illustrated and includes a lot of different menu types for all of your outdoor dining needs whether you’re on a date night at an outdoor concert or you’re playing at the park with your kids. Also there’s a section dedicated to 99+ things to do with Mason Jars if you weren’t already sold.
  4. Everyone needs a lined blanket in their life. Great for Beach days, the Splash Pad, Firework shows or just hanging out at the Park and needing a dry place to sit. This one is cute and folds up perfectly for you to store in your trunk until needed.
  5. I love this backpack so much–perfect size for the pack-horse mama who has to carry it allllll without looking like a pack-horse. Instead of dragging my diaper bag out I’ll pack up the essentials in a small backpack like this one–shelf stable snacks, bug spray, sunblock, baby wipes and a diaper or two, bandaids, bubbles, chalk, etc. Having a bag designated for things like this make spontaneous trips easier–in the summer I’ll keep their swimsuits and a beach towel in the bag too so they’re at the ready when needed.
  6. As someone who is trying to reduce waste, these reusable plates and forks are the perfect size for carrying on your picnic. If you’re not into having to do MORE dishes, these biodegradable disposables are a great option too.
  7. My absolute favorite hand purifier that I can actually trust to use on my babies hands. These 1oz bottles are the cutest and perfect to keep in your diaper bag or backpack and keeps the germs at bay while also smelling amazing. Win/win.
  8. This little miracle holds and chills 6. bottles. of. wine. Are you still with me? I mean, it can also hold all of your picnic foods. That’s important too. So stinkin’ cute and perfect for just about any occasion when you need to keep things cold.
  9. A bluetooth speaker has never been so adorable. Small enough to throw in your bag without taking up room. I know, anyone can use their phone to play music outside but it usually doesn’t carry much sound. Make a Playlist, press play and keep your phone out of sight and out of mind and be present for the people you are with. It comes in a few different colors too (I LOVE the Hunter Green).

There you have it! Cute enough to distract you from how much your kids cry when they see a bug near their food. Maybe. I can’t make that promise.



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