Happy Monday, friends. Our Easter weekend turned out to be way better than I could have hoped which if you remember from my last post, I had very low expectations, haha.

My mom took the day off on Friday and braved the Mall Bunny with us. We spent the morning at the mall and grabbed lunch before heading to her house to decorate eggs with my niece who got to join them for the holiday weekend. The girls loved seeing their cousin and had a great time decorating eggs while I held my breath and hoped that the cups of dye stayed on the table and not all over their laps.

Saturday morning we headed to my parents’ farm to do an Easter egg hunt. We ate some homemade cinnamon rolls and the girls ran around looking for eggs that my dad meticulously planted all over their property. I have a deep love for music that was a result of growing up with my dad so he had a song spinning on the stereo that started playing outside when the girls started their hunt and I may have cried (and by may have I mean that I did) from how special it was. It’s a song I’ve loved since my childhood and seeing my parents light up from getting to have an egg hunt with their 4 granddaughters was so special to me. I’ll remember it forever. (This was the song)

After the egghunt we headed to Illinois to spend Easter with Adam’s family. We dyed some more eggs, my kids ate their weight in sugar, Charlie learned and did about 1000 somersaults and we got to grab dinner at one of our old favorite restaurants. After the kids went to bed I got into Bunny mode and may have stayed up wayyyy too late drinking cosmos with my mother-in-law. Worth it.

Easter morning the girls woke up and searched for their eggs and baskets and we spent most of the day outside in the beautiful weather. We also got to spend time with Adam’s Nana Helen and it was so special to see the girls spend time with her (and Charlie talk her ear off haha). We had a really great time and the girls had so much fun seeing their grandparents and getting spoiled.

This little cherub also turned 7 (!!?!?) months yesterday and I can NOT get over it. She is a dream.

I hope you all had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather. How did you celebrate your Easter this year (if you celebrate, of course)?


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