With Easter being a few days away, I decided to finally kick it into Bunny mode. We’ll be celebrating away from home so I honestly have no Spring decorations up, no eggs have been hardboiled and decorated, all of their little presents are still in their poly-mailers unopened for easier transport and to be honest I am just completely not into it this year. I’m sure I’ll change my tune when I see the girls running for their treat-filled eggs in their sweet Spring outfits and making my grandma’s hashbrown casserole but until then, I am officially an Easter Grinch.

In an attempt to still be a fun, festive mama despite my Grinch-ness, I decided to have the girls help me throw together a simple Easter dessert that is sure to make a Peep-lover out of just about anyone. As someone who can probably eat like, one Peep in a sitting due to their sweetness–I was pleasantly surprised at how well they worked as what they were intended to be: marshmallows. The sugar on the outside caramelizes in the oven and the inside becomes that signature goo that you would expect from a toasted marshmallow. Paired with the ganache-like chocolate underneath–this is such an impressive and festive dessert that takes no time to prepare. Also, did you know that their eyeballs melt off after they’ve been in the oven? The more you know…



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