The days are suddenly longer and after a rough transition “springing forward” a few weeks ago, Spring finally feels like it’s starting to peek through. As much as I love the Winter, being cooped up inside with 3 little girls wears on you after awhile and more often than not in the tail-end of these long months, I relied heavily on screen time to stay sane. Pajama days with Disney movies were frequent and I honestly don’t have any regrets–sometimes I’m a hands-on mama and sometimes Netflix is their mama. It’s all ebb and flow.

As we enter this new Season, I’m looking forward to more days outside playing–more peanut butter sandwiches on picnic blankets in the backyard reading books instead of clicking ‘yes’ when the TV asks if we’re still watching. Puddles and mud pies, trips to the playground–planting a cut flower garden and hoping not to kill everything. A girl can dream.

I’ve rounded up some beautiful books for these next few months of rainy days, rainbows and blooming flowers to hold us over until Summer time. I love swapping out our books to keep things fresh at home (honestly who wants to read the same books 100 times in a row? I mean, besides my kids…?) and will store them with our seasonal decor when we move on to the next. All of these books will be linked to Amazon below but I also recommend checking your local library. Hey, any excuse to leave the house and talk to an actual human being, right?

1// Worm Weather by Jean Taft
2// The Forever Tree by Tereasa Surratt, Donna Lukas, et al.
3// The Little Rabbit by Nicola Killen
4// Wild by Emily Hughes
5// Heal the Earth by Julian Lennon
6// The Little Raindrop by Joanna Gray
7// Rain! by Linda Ashman
8// Under the Love Umbrella by Davina Bell
9// We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow
10// Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner
11// Spring by Gerda Muller
12// Flora Forager ABC by Bridget Beth Collins
13// E is for Easter by Greg Paprocki
14// Singing in the Rain illustrated by Tim Hopgood



  1. Thank you so much for all the amazing book suggestions! I really appreciate your transparency being an ebb and flow mamma btw! There’s so much pressure out there and it’s nice to know that we don’t have to be on everyday.


    1. We’re all just doing our best and need to be gentle with ourselves! I go into sensory overload sometimes and just need them to sit down and watch something so I can re-center to stay sane (and patient). You’re doing great! ❤️


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