I spent last weekend basking (burning) in the Costa Rican sun with a drink in (each) hand. We got to feed monkeys, smell the ocean–I didn’t have to cut anyone’s food or change any diapers. It felt so strange to not have a gaggle of children at my feet begging for snacks but it also felt so strange being sunburnt in flip flops hobbling through a snowy airport parking lot on our way back home. It was nice to forget that it’s still March in Michigan even if it was for a few days.

I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life so I am no stranger to the ceaseless winters. It’s always a crap-shoot in the months of October-March. Will it snow? Will it rain? Will the temperature drop 60 degrees in 12 hours? Will I ever see the sun again? God, how many hours of TV have my kids watched? Why is the ‘Puppy Dog Pals’ theme song so godawfully long? Why do I know all the words?

This soup is for everyone who has made 100 vats of soup this season and wants to try something new. It’s bright, velvety–perfect for dipping. It’s got a peppery kick that’s balanced out by a handful of sharp cheddar. And in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, it is also the perfect pair to a melty Reuben sandwich on marbled rye and an ice cold beer. Always, always, an ice cold beer.


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