I look forward to Easter for 3 reasons:

#1: Reese’s Eggs
#2: Brunch
#3: Making Easter Baskets

Since my kids are young and I am not a glutton for punishment, I try to stick to activity-based baskets with a few treats inside that won’t send them into a sugared frenzy and ruin Reason #2 for me. I’m actually the mom that put Bandaids in her kids’ Easter eggs last year with zero regrets. And by zero I mean a few regrets because Bandaids are sticky and got stuck in a certain toddler’s crazy long hair.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite themed E.B. ideas for you–there’s a little something for boys and girls of all ages.


One of my favorite things about being a mom is passing down my love for cooking and baking. My girls love being in the kitchen “helping” me make cookies and prepping ingredients for dinner. The featured cookbook ‘The Forest Feast for Kids’ is cookbook is for little Vegetarians (or great recipe ideas for Meat Free Mondays!) On top of helping me cook, they also love to play restaurant so the ‘Make a Plate’ sticker book is full of different foods and place settings to play chef without the layer of flour coating your kitchen floor. I also love a good cooking kit and these kits from Baby Boy Bakery are on super sale right now–you can grab any of her past kits for just $5–the link will take you to the full catalog.


A little something for any little aspiring Astronaut. I am actually dying over that sweet Steven Hawking book–the illustrations are wonderful and I have always been fascinated by his brilliant mind. I am also a little salty that kids get way cooler pajamas than adults but I guess it’s a good way to get them to be excited about bedtime which gets me closer to bedtime which is a glorious thing. Anyone else have Astronaut food as a kid? I was actually convinced that they came from outer space. Like the astronauts thought that they had way too much food on their space station and decided to send it back to Earth for a bunch of Elementary school kids to eat. I was such a brilliant child.


This just screams Spring to me and considering we are still under a pile of snow, I need all the warm vibes I can get. It’s no secret that we love Tubby Todd products around here and we buy a set every year for the girls’ Easter baskets. Their products are so gentle on sensitive skin and this Garden Bundle was just released today and it is amazing! I included this sweet little woven Market Basket that’s perfect to use as an Easter Basket but also would be great to bring along to the Farmers Market when all of your vegetable plants die like mine always do. The jammies–the jammies! Guys, they’re ridiculously soft and stretchy and come in so many sizes and colors. These are a perfect sage green and so good for Spring.


There’s something so magical about a baby’s first Holiday. This basket is full of heirloom-style gifts for new baby bunnies on their very first Easter. I’ll let you in on a secret: Hallmark has a baby line and it is the SWEETEST. The carrot rattle and onesie featured above are part of it but seriously check out their Spring Collection. Everything is such good quality and so beautifully designed. Also if you’ve never experienced the softness of a Jellycat stuffed toy you are in for a treat because they are the snuggliest–this precious bunny rattle is going in Baby Lu’s basket.


Happy Easter Bunny-ing!



  1. This was fun on a stick, as my friend likes to say. Re: astronaut food – we had Tang! Also, granny needs a Campbell soup can because Ilove it! Good job! 👍


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