When we moved to Michigan there were several things I just did not consider at all. Did you know that Michigan is one of the few states that requires you to pay a 10 cent deposit on every carbonated beverage you purchase and in order to get your money back you have to take all of your beer cans to a recycling station with all 3 of your kids and have strangers think you’re an alcoholic? Me either! On top of that, we also have outrageous auto insurance requirements, no cheap carwashes with free vaccuums on any given corner like we did in Illinois and the clincher: lack of Gyros. I feel like the latter is the biggest bee in my bonnet. Gyros are sacred to me–my ultimate greasy childhood nostalgia food. Sure you can find them in places out here but they are often sad, uniform slabs of refrigerated meat that gets reheated and then served and they do not hold a candle to the real deal.

I am not saying that these will fill a gyro-shaped hole in your heart, but they come pretty darn close and keep the crave at bay. Packed with greek spices, baked until golden and garnished with peppery arugula and more–these little nuggets of flavor have become a favorite in our house and I even snuck in some hidden veggies because nothing makes me feel more accomplished as a mom than watching my children gobble down zucchini without crying about it.



  1. Making these tonight! They look so good! Mark loves gyros but I don’t really like the lamb meat but do enjoy the flavor. So we’ll see if these are a good compromise. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks for the rec.


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