If you don’t know me in real life (or online) you should probably get to know who I am hanging out with these days. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that at 29 I would have 3 little girls but here we are. They are really great, highly recommend. 10/10. 100%. 5 stars all around. Retweet. Double Tap. Heart Eye Emoji.

Charlie Jo, Age 4.5
All the world is a stage for this girl. You can usually find her in a princess dress with a feather boa around her neck–singing with gusto and not giving one single care that she gets 90% of the lyrics wrong. She is hilarious, smart, beautiful. She loves to create things, has the most intricately impressive memory of any kid I’ve ever met, walks on her toes. She loves her little sisters fiercely and unapologetically–I can’t even tell Maisy ‘No’ without getting a long-winded plea from Charlie standing up for her. She believes everyone she meets is her friend and I love her for it. My parents always remind me that she is exactly like I was when I was growing up so if that is the case, I am really in for it when she becomes a teenager. Pour one out for furture me. But for now–God, she is so much fun.

Maisy Jane, Age 2.5
Maisy is a treasure, really. Born into this world in what felt like a nightmare and has been a dream ever since. She was my easiest baby and remains to be the sweetest, most tender-hearted little lover girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is brave, patient, silly–her sweet face and personality make me melt. At any given time there are multiple objects around my house that she has “put to bed”–propped up on pillows and wrapped in a make-shift blanket. She follows in her sisters footsteps like most little sisters do and she does it in her own way. She is more reserved than Charlie in company and loves to play pretend by herself which makes me sad and proud all at once. Her skin is like porcelain–her eyes so blue, and she hugs you like she will never see you again. I am so lucky to be her mama.

Lucy June, born 9/21/2018 (almost 5 months)
My sweet little love came into this world screaming. I had a planned c-section and I was so terrified to give birth. I remember lying there paralyzed and woozy–my ears ringing–I watched her emerge and although I couldn’t move, her wailing kept me at ease that she was here and she was okay. She can scream like nobodies business and is a force of nature–here to remind me that despite having 2 children before her, they all come out with their own agendas and personalities. And I just love hers so much. At 4 months she is the apple of her big sister’s eyes–I sometimes catch a glimpse of them holding her hands from each side of her carseat when we’re driving somewhere and I bawl my eyes out. Getting to know her has been the highlight of my life these past few months and I can’t wait to see who she’ll be.

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