I'm back! It's been a crazy few weeks getting used to our new Kindergarten routine and managing all the extra's in our schedule but I finally feel like I am back on my meal planning game. Here's what's for dinner in our house this week: Monday's Recipe/Wednesday's Recipe/Thursday's Recipe Our weeknights are busier now with … Continue reading


With the pending doom of Kindergarten looming, I have been nesting similarly to a 3rd trimester pregnant woman. I have made a capsule wardrobe, booked all of the necessary wellness appointments and haircuts, went on an organization frenzy, drove past her school many times to map out our morning walks, took her to visit the … Continue reading LUNCH TIME.


Admittedly, I've been in a slump as of late. That end-of-winter-fake-Spring-still-cold-and-rainy-most-days-weather has left me pretty uninspired. Combine that with the pending doom of turning 30 (I am 30 now.) I neglected this little space. A little truth about me: I am very easily discouraged. If I feel like I'm trying really hard to do something … Continue reading HELLO, SUMMER

Happy Monday, friends! I have a weekend hangover (not from drinking, let me live though) from doing all.the.activities. on little to no sleep. I'm going to go ahead and thank Adam Sandler for hosting SNL and me being the old lady that I am that had to shotgun a Monster Energy on Saturday night just … Continue reading


Happy May, friends! I’ll spare you a Justin Timberlake meme and just get to it 😉 With the weather getting a little more consistent (except today—or this week, really—) and me yearning for "free-range-children-season", I have picnics and park hangs on the brain. There's nothing better than letting your kids spill their food outdoors instead … Continue reading PRETTY AS A PICNIC


With Easter being a few days away, I decided to finally kick it into Bunny mode. We'll be celebrating away from home so I honestly have no Spring decorations up, no eggs have been hardboiled and decorated, all of their little presents are still in their poly-mailers unopened for easier transport and to be honest … Continue reading DOUBLE CHOCOLATE SKILLET PEEP S’MORES DIP